Kindly use your personal mobile number when activating your account. This provides a security feature to protect your personal official email address.

Please provide the required information to get access to your Office 365 account

  1. How can I reset my password?
  2. At the log in, select Forgotten My Password and follow the steps provided. An activation code will be sent to your mobile phone to verify that it is indeed your personal account that you are resetting.

  3. If your ID number starts with a zero
  4. Kindly eliminate the zero when trying to activate. e.g. 0123456 instead use 123456 in the ID section.

  5. I am getting a mismatch error when trying to activate my account
  6. If you get this error, try and re-activate your account and follow the steps again, if that doesn’t work then fill out the ACCOUNT SUPPORT FORM and you will be assisted.

Copy your email and password and log in at


TSC number:


temporary password:

NOTE: You will be required to change this password during sign in